We are all exposed to substantially more EMF than back in the days I grew up (70s and 80s). The types of EMF have changed with countless new man made non native frequencies that our body's cells are not equipped to deal with and things go wrong. In 2017 my body said enough. It started with painful fingers while texting and grew to no tolerance to 4G phones or wifi, unable to sleep in any bed due to horrible wrestles legs, can't sit in a room with DECT phones and more. I've been able to manage my life through mitigation and safer use of technology and doing very well. I realize most people don't live with these issues, that was also me for 15 years using wireless tech regularly. However whether one is sensitive or not is irrelevant, nnEMF impacts human cells the same way and its not good. EMF is cumulative and shows up in people with many different outcomes, 1000s of studies have linked it to multiple disease endpoints. Try the quiz to see where your lifestyle rests on the EMF Health Concern Spectrum.

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Quiz inspired by Lloyd Burrell | ElectricSense