EMF Inspections in Southern Ontario including Greater Toronto, Mississauga, Waterloo, London and areas.

Serving residential home and condo owners as well as businesses utilizing professional grade emf testing equipment and expert knowledge to make a real difference in your living and work space.

Our Staff - Certified Building Biologists via the Institute of Building Biology (Bau-Biologie)

We cannot see, smell nor taste electromagnetic fields however they are ubiquitous at work, home, schools, restaurants, cars, you name it. Man made EMF's are significant stressors on our bodies linked to significant health effects.

EMF Protection based in Southern Ontario operates on the principals of building biology and the precautionary principal. We will perform EMF inspection services with you present. This will include EMF testing services followed up by a full report. We also offer EMF consulting services to ensure you have the support you need. This can include EMF mitigation services such as shielding your sleep and home office for example.

Education is key and we have a talent for explaining the mechanics of emf as well as the complications they create for our health in a understandable manner. We provide a variety of ways to use technology safely, we provide you choice.

Contact EMF Protection at 519-575-1600 or email us at [email protected] to book your in-home EMF inspection.

We Expose, Reduce, Shield or Eliminate nnEMFs Across Southern Ontario



  • R Taylor
    Sometimes the right people you really need show up in your life. Brian from EMF protection was for sure one of them. Both my daughter and wife have suffered from unknown illness for quite sometime and after dozens of visits to doctors and trying many other treatment options, it was Brian who helped us to remove wifi from our home and manage the issues caused from our electrical system that solved the problem. For anyone who has been down this road and can't find answers, I suggest you be open to the devastating effects of wifi and electrical and call Brian. He has been such an enormous help over and above anything we though I can't recommend him enough. We owe you so much. Thanks Brian.
    R Taylor

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