What is Dirty Electricity

How Can Saving Energy Be Dirty?

The very gadgets that make our appliances and certain light bulbs and dimmer switches efficient electricity consumers also create electric transients or dirty electricity. It can arise from the utility as it comes into your home, from your smart meter and from the gadgets inside your home. It is like putting a stick in a flowing stream creating turbulence in the current flow. This damages your appliances and makes people sick.

Dirty Electricity Explained

Dirty electricity comes from things such as Energy efficient light-bulbs, know as CFLs or curly cue bulbs, appliances with the energy savings sticker, motors rated as variable speed, dimmer switches, switch mode power supplies like the cords we charge and power most plug in electronics with including cell phones and computers.

The switch mode power supplies step 120 volts from our 60Hz romex electrical wires in our walls down to 5 to 18 volts via wall mole 2 prong plugs. It does so by this chopping method and the unused pieces go back onto the line with significantly high frequencies which shoot out into our living space and into us, our cells.

Smart meters also create this dirty electricity when they pulse a signal of 900 MHz. The antenna in the glass meter sits right beside an electrical wire that feeds the home. Some of this signal hops onto the wire and all of a sudden the home lights up with dirty electricity in addition to rf radiation.

In order to mitigate these first we need to measure it and get a sense of where its is impacting the living space and to what degree. Then we can switch out the wrong types of bulbs with bulbs that have no issues. We can turn off devices when they are not in use or unplug them. Filters can be used to condition the lines and weed out the dirty electricity. There are line filters for individual outlets or whole house dirty electricity filters put on at the electrical panel.

There are several health effects that can come from exposure to dirty electricity including nerve stimulation and acute health effects. Sam Milham, MD MPH wrote a book ' Dirty Electricity' and in the book he goes into detail about the links from dirty electricity to many health epidemics.

What We Do During The Inspection:

We perform a room by room all things emf inspection.

Fast Facts

  • Will a traditional home inspector or electrician uncover emf issues? Traditional home inspections are always advised to

  • Should You Be Present Ideally the best experience is with you the purchaser present for the inspection

  • Access To The Home We will require entry into the home inorder to do proper assessments.

  • Duration A home assessment typically takes up between 1 and 2 hours to complete.

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