EMF Pre Home Purchase Inspection

What is the impact by cell towers, hydro wires, transformers or a host of internal wiring issues?

An EMF inspection can highlight concerns and provide solutions all before you ink the deal.

What is the purpose of an EMF Pre-Purchase Home Inspection?

EMF dangers can exist in many forms both inside and outside the home, condo or apartment. An EMF assessment will route out these dangers putting you in a better position before you commit.

When a family purchases or rents they seldom take into account emf considerations and this can come back to haunt. More and more people are waking up the concerns of emf. There are many avenues emf can impact your living space including issues with wiring, defficient grounding or even stray electrical current causing harmful magnetic fields just to name a few.

A home or appartment that looks inviting and safe can have significant emf issues and being they are invisible they are easy to overlook. Down the line they can present as costly fixes. Its often better to head off problems right away which can save money and provide peace of mind. .

What We Do During The Inspection:

We perform a room by room all things emf inspection.

Fast Facts

  • Will a traditional home inspector or electrician uncover emf issues? Traditional home inspections are always advised to

  • Should You Be Present Ideally the best experience is with you the purchaser present for the inspection

  • Access To The Home We will require entry into the home inorder to do proper assessments.

  • Duration A home assessment typically takes up between 1 and 2 hours to complete.

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