EMF Home Inspection And Assessment

Comprehensive Home EMF Radiation Detection Service Illuminating Occupant Exposures.

Fully Collaborative, Enlightening, Educational Supported By Findings Report And Recommendations.

Who Should Have An EMF Home Inspection And Assessment?

Homeowners, condo owners and home/condo/apartment renters are wise to entertain an EMF Radiation detection appointment.

Literally well more then 9 out of 10 people have no idea of the health impacts scientist and researchers have uncovered associated with wireless technology. At the same time government regulatory levels don't take into account these findings and more and more wireless technologies appear in our homes daily. Your inspection will show you what is taking place in your home, car and community and plot it against exposure guidelines as well as research.

External Electrosmog Impacting Your Living Space

Impacts from high tension power lines above and below ground, transformer boxes, smart meters and cell towers can't be known until one assesses with a specific meter. We'll assess these around your property and in your living space as a first step.

Electronic Devices With Wifi, Cellular and Bluetooth

Its not apparent to our human senses the way in which our electronic devices are communicating. Our bodies' cells on the other hand are fully aware unbenounced to us. Let us illuminate our findings one after another and reveal to you the levels of electrosmog taking place 24/7 right under your skin.

EMF's Where You Sleep - Very Significant

Humans have complex and hardy survival systems at play and yet where we are most vulnerable is during sleep when our body intends to repair and rebuild. Our bedrooms are often full of emf agents cascading into our beds and bodies where the bed and we become antennas. We'll show you exactly what you face every night and route out the fix which we can mitigate most right then and there.

What We Do During The EMF Inspection:

We perform a room by room all things emf inspection.

Fast Facts

  • Will a traditional home inspector or electrician uncover emf issues? Traditional home inspections are always advised to

  • Should You Be Present Ideally the best experience is with you the purchaser present for the inspection

  • Access To The Home We will require entry into the home inorder to do proper assessments.

  • Duration A home assessment typically takes up between 1 and 2 hours to complete.

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