Often Associated With High Tension Power Lines

What are AC Magnetic Fields?

These are circular lines around a current carrying electric wire. No beginning and no end to closed loop. The field strength drops off with distance. They are completely invisible and penetrate right through most everything except an expensive mu metal.

Magnetic fields are by no means limited to high tension power lines but they became synonymous back in the day I grew up in Mississauga close to the hydro cut. Houses backing right onto the corridor were right in the strength of the field while homes as much as 300 feet away were still likely in the field but magnetic fields drop off pretty fast the further the distance. Like anyone living in those proximity's there are stories dating back over the years of very sad and disconcerting health issues for some of the residents, often kids. Magnetic fields produced by man made electricity and equipment are harmful to humans who get significant long term doses. The fields can and often are produced right in our homes and when they meet up with spaces we spend most of our time, guess what, they can impact us in a not so good biological way.

We use specific equipment to route these invisible fields out and then track down the source which could be related to a number of hidden issues such as common wiring errors, neutral touching ground in the home wiring, current on your homes water pipes or phone lines to name a few. When these situations impact your sleeping space its not good. What you can see or feel can't hurt you has never been so misguided a principle in the face of AC magnetic fields in the home, office or workplace.

Situation after situation, low-level magnetic fields have been implicated with the occurrence and course of cancer diseases. Multiple studies with animal and cell experiments reveal biological effects of specific magnetic field characteristics at low exposure levels.

- melatonin suppression

- impact on cells calcium metabolism

- alter heartbeat

- immune system strain

- cells enzyme activity changes

- cell division and DNA synthesis changes

The quicker these dangerous lurking menaces are discovered and then mitigated properly, the better.

Who Should Have An In-Home EMF Inspection?

Homeowners, condo owners and home/condo/apartment renters are wise to entertain an in-home emf detection appointment.

Literally well more then 9 out of 10 people have no idea of the health impacts scientist and researchers have uncovered associated with wireless technology. At the same time government regulatory levels don't take into account these findings and more and more wireless technologies appear in our homes daily. Your inspection will show you what is taking place in your home, car and community and plot it against exposure guidelines as well as research.

Your assessment will reveal any significant magnetic fields as well as electric fields and how they too impact sleeping areas as well as frequented areas of the home. Some remedies can be performed at time of inspection while others require planning. We will help you every step of the way to bringing peace and health back to your living space.

Fast Facts

  • Will a traditional home inspector or electrician uncover emf issues? Traditional home inspections are always advised to

  • Should You Be Present Ideally the best experience is with you the purchaser present for the inspection

  • Access To The Home We will require entry into the home inorder to do proper assessments.

  • Duration A home assessment typically takes up between 1 and 2 hours to complete.

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