Those wires in your walls aren't so innocent

What are AC Electric Fields?

120 volts lives in your home electrical wires giving rise to an alternating electric field that shoots into the room 6 to 8 feet 120 times a second. Our bodies are perfect antennas to attract these fields but negatively impacted biologically particularly where we sleep.

Alternating Current (AC) electric fields

Originate from man made electricity in our home's wiring and are air born lines of electricity that shoot out into the space around the wire approximately 120 times per second alternating between positive and negative charges. The are hard to detect and lead an invisible life.

A Deeper Look

Visualize these as lines beginning at the hot wire with 120 volts and travelling toward a place of lower voltage. Lower voltage endpoints can be many things including a wall, a bed, a human body or a neutral ground conductor in the electrical distribution system.

Since about the 1950's residential wiring does not display extreme levels of these fields. However they are still high enough in the majority of sleeping areas to necessitate some intervention to lessen or eliminate the impact on the individual.

Elevated Circumstances

These include but are not limited to: Electric in-floor heating faulty installation, adjustable beds, heating blankets and pads, fluorescent tubes, knob and tube wiring, common wiring errors found in multiple location 3 way switches.


These can be present inside and outside of the home or place of work. Outside the home these fields are present where ever power lines exist. Inside the home they are plentiful as no guidelines exist for limiting AC electric fields in residential buildings. All wiring and all electrical devices plugged in and ungrounded give off low level electric fields.

Biological Effects

Electric fields induce currents in the human body and cause nerve stimulation. They are exerting forces on the charges inside the human body own electrical system. This depolarizes body currents. Not good.

  • Numerous studies, animal and cell experiments at low exposure levels found:
  • Suppression of melatonin production in pineal gland
  • Disruption on calcium metabolism of cells
  • Disruption of the immune system
  • Alteration to the enzyme activity in cells
  • Change in cell division and DNA synthesis

The Good News

AC Electric fields can be shielded or eliminated with relative ease. EMF-Protection specializes in detecting these fields and providing mitigation strategies.

What We Do During The Inspection:

We perform a room by room all things emf inspection.

Fast Facts

  • Will a traditional home inspector or electrician uncover emf issues? Traditional home inspections are always advised to

  • Should You Be Present Ideally the best experience is with you the purchaser present for the inspection

  • Access To The Home We will require entry into the home inorder to do proper assessments.

  • Duration A home assessment typically takes up between 1 and 2 hours to complete.

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