EMF Office Detector Inspection

Is your workplace health impacted by cell towers, hydro wires or transformers or other wireless or electromagnetic fields sources?

An EMF in the workplace inspection can highlight concerns and provide solutions to reduce an eliminate emf exposure.

Why Have This Type Of EMF Office Detector Inspection?

You spend countless long hours either sitting or working around the same equipment, both electronic wireless and wired devices and all kinds of electrical wiring.
Are they safe for long term exposure?

Studies show biological impacts on humans for long term exposure to different types of electric fields whether a powerline running in the walls or floor beside your office chair, bank of smart meters on the other side of the wall of your office, countless wireless devices surrounding your work space, blue light, or even a cell tower looking at you through your window or wall.

What are these exposures potentially doing to your immune system all day long. When you return home from work and go to sleep in your bed exposed to wireless radiation and ac electric fields coming off lamps, clocks and wiring in your wall, your body hasn't had a moment to let down and function healthfully at the cellular level. We'll assess your environment and help you ensure these exposures are not happening to you.

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