Wireless Radiation

Radio Frequency (RF) radiation classified as possible carcinogen linked to a deluge of health effects.

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields associated with obesity, altered mental state and leukemia.

Electric Fields

Electric fields raise one's body voltage applying stress, stealing sleep and energy.

Dirty Electricity

Hazardous frequencies that ride on our electrical circuits and said to be linked to cancer, sleep issues, pains and even suicide.

What are Safe nnEMF Levels for Sleep

From the James Russell documentary "Resonance: Beings of Frequency". Professor Denis Henshaw of Bristol University and scientist Dr Roger Coghill discuss how the brain can't distinguish between natural light and man-made electromagetic radiation frequencies including electric and magnetic fields, dirty electricity, radio frequency like wifi and cell tower radiation and blue light from devices thus affecting melatonin production. They say studies dating as far back as the late 1970s have revealed this.

This has significant and far reaching ramifications for humans and animals.

Melatonin is the body's wonder drug

The body only repairs at night - not any other time. It only does so when the pineal gland senses it is dark. It goes into melatonin production to repair our cells and in that process millions of free radicals are produced. Free radicals are known to be the greatest cause of cancer. Melatonin mops up these free radicals.

16 studies observed significant emr associated melatonin reduction in humans. 17 studies show ELF and RF exposure reduces melatonin.

Apparently reduced melatonin can lead to a compromised immune system, sleep disturbances, heart complications, and being more prone to disease.

Women with breast cancer show 1/10th the normal levels

Men with prostate cancer show 1/2 normal levels

Kids with autism show 1/2 the normal levels

Sleep Sanctuary

A Sleep Sanctuary addresses exposures to all of these electromagnetic radiation dangers by eliminating the sources or shielding from them or a combination of the two.


Unplug clocks, lights, chargers, fans etc

Leave your cell phone turned off or on airplane mode

Turn off the wifi at night (at a minimum)

Avoid looking at devices at night

Hire EMF Protection to uncover invisible threats and provide professional mitigation strategies.