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    Are Cell Phones, Wi-Fi, and Other Common Electronic Devices Poisoning Your Environment, Harming Your children, and Causing a Long List of Serious Diseases Including Cancer? Thousands of Independent Studies Say YES…

    Did you know?

    • Using your cell phone just 30 minutes a day can increase your risk of getting a brain tumor by 40%1
    • An extensive 10 year $30 million US federal study recently concluded “clear evidence of cancer” from cell phone radiation2
    • Multiple studies link EMFs from cell phones and the like with chronic inflammation suffered by 60% of Americans4
    • 24 Hours of EMF exposure from devices commonly found in your home can cause more DNA damage than 1,600 chest X-Rays3
    • Spanish, French, German and Israeli Governments have issued recommendations to ban Wi-Fi from schools
    • Incidence of GBM (a deadly brain tumor linked to cell phone use) DOUBLED in the United Kingdom from 1995 to 20155
    • 5G means the cell phone industry is installing millions of small cell antennas on lamp posts, buildings, and power poles all over the world (+13 million in the US alone) GREATLY increasing radiation levels

    You Too Can Experience FREEDOM…

    I’ve put together a complete resource that shares everything that I’ve learned about protecting ourselves and our families from EMFs over the past 18 years. In my EMF Call, you will discover…
    • How decades of independent scientific research demonstrate that EMFs can be extremely hazardous to your health
    • How cell phones and Wi-Fi cause nearly identical diseases as radiation from nuclear fall-out and X rays—they just do it in a different way
    • 13 totally FREE and easy ways to protect yourself from potentially deadly cell phone radiation—the cell phone safety standards do virtually nothing to protect us
    • What never… ever to do in a car (clue: in some countries it’s already banned, but not for the right reasons)
    • How already some purchases can only be made with a cell phone—we ALL need to know how to use a cell phone more safely
    • How science tells us that you may not be able to feel EMFs, but your cells can
    • How to determine the worst EMF offender in your life (with a simple, scientific method)…and why…

    This single tip alone could make a dramatic difference in your health.

    • Why Wi-Fi can be particularly dangerous AND 2 ways you can reduce your exposure almost immediately without spending a penny
    • 3 ways to protect yourself from the neighbor’s industrial strength Wi-Fi (note: if your devices can detect their WiFi – it IS poisoning your home)
    • An inexpensive alternative to a wireless headset—and why using a wired headset can increase your EMF exposure
    • How many “cell phone cases” are NOT doing you any favors and the 2 brands I recommend)
    • How to keep all the benefits and functionality of Wi-Fi AND reduce your exposure significantly (this isn’t my favorite option but it’s a good one if you must have Wi-Fi in your life)
    • Why many modems/routers (even hard-wired models) can be dangerous—and how to implement a “safer” option
    • How one common wiring error can create deadly magnetic fields all over your home and why…

    Millions of homes have this problem and the owners never find out because it’s hidden behind the walls.

    • 6 kinds of wiring errors that can have devastating consequences on your health—and how to resolve them
    • How to speak “electrician’s language” so they fix your EMF issues (many of them are clueless about EMFs but they understand these errors)
    • How to choose a competent electrician and how to get him on your side—essential if you want to effectively reduce your exposure to EMFs lurking in your home
    • 7 ways to resolve wiring errors—a couple of them are so simple you don’t even need an electrician
    • An inexpensive tool you can use to test your electrical system that you can find in most hardware stores for under under $20
    • How a cancer causing form of electropollution found in most homes can be detected with a basic AM radio
    • WARNING: You may have electric fields in your home slowly adding invisible stress to your body…breaking down your body’s systems—discover 2 totally FREE ways to deal with them
    • 2 ways of significantly reducing the dirty electricity exposures in your home (which studies link to cancer, ADHD and chronic fatigue)

    2 FREE & easy things you can do to improve your sleep, allow your body to repair itself more effectively, and wake up refreshed and ready for the next day.

    • 2 free tips to reduce the harmful effects of computer screens…these will save your eyes, help you sleep better, and possibly stop computer headaches
    • 2 ways of reinforcing your body’s natural wake/sleep cycle so you can continue to enjoy the wonders of 21st Century living without endangering your health
    • 4 free and easy ways to reduce EMF exposure while using your desktop, laptop or tablet
    • A little-known workaround for eliminating Wi-Fi radiation when using your iPad
    • The pro and cons of laptop and tablet shields and why I only recommend using these shields in certain circumstances (they’re not as safe as manufacturers imply)
    • How a cancer causing form of electropollution found in most homes can be detected with a basic AM radio
    • WARNING: You may have electric fields in your home slowly adding invisible stress to your body…breaking down your body’s systems—discover 2 totally FREE ways to deal with them
    • 2 ways of significantly reducing the dirty electricity exposures in your home (which studies link to cancer, ADHD and chronic fatigue)

    The 4 types of EMFs present in 99% of homes (my estimation) and how to effectively deal with them.

    • 2 common types of Bluetooth devices which are especially dangerous—and how to use a much safer alternative which few people are aware of
    • If you MUST use a Bluetooth headset, why you absolutely, positively must never use this KIND, if you value your health
    • The truth about using a microwave oven in your home—3 safer and healthier cooking alternatives
    • Why cell phone towers can immerse you in radiation 24/7 and a simple test you can use to determine your danger level (requires no technical equipment)
    • How to deal with cell tower radiation without having to move
    • 4 reasons why some utility meters are dangerous (backed up by science)—how to know with 100% certainty if your utility meter is one of these so-called “smart meters” (don’t rely on your utility company to tell you the truth)
    • The device commonly found in many homes that gives off such dangerously high levels of EMFs that it was…

    Banned by the Russians (the ban was lifted a decade later to promote free trade).

    • The truth about 5G and how to protect yourself, your family, and your community (find out how you too can get involved and make your city a safer place)
    • The safer, faster more reliable alternative to 5G which nearly 100 cities all over the world have already adopted
    • How a new smart meter in the home caused heart palpitations, memory loss and eczema and 2 ways to protect yourself
    • A simple and inexpensive way of determining if common symptoms such as headaches, chronic fatigue, ringing in the ears, depression, or sinus problems are related to EMF exposures—what to do if they are
    • A totally natural way to get immediate relief for painful joints or aching muscles…with no meds and no expensive treatments
    • A free technique that provides pain relief, relaxes your autonomic nervous system within just a few seconds, increases oxygen being absorbed by the blood, and improves acute inflammation in as little 20 minutes…
    • The truth about your body’s voltage, how to easily measure it, and how to use these measurements as a guide for long-term health.
    • The truth about earthing and how it can heal inflammation which is often seen as the underlying cause of many diseases, including…

    Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer.

    • How to safely and effectively shield your home from EMFs—running headlong into shielding without following this simple protocol can not only be disappointing, it can also be dangerous
    • The uncensored facts about EMF harmonizers, resonators, neutralizers and similar—5 tips to succeeding with alternative EMF protection
    • The 3 golden rules to EMF protection and the 3 ways to mitigate EMFs—these are the inescapable fundamentals everyone must know
    • 4 DIY pointers to protect your home and your health from EMFs—particularly useful if you are being zapped by a cell tower or your neighbors Wi-Fi
    • 4 different shielding products (all of which I’ve used) which you can use to shield yourself from electromagnetic fields, and the other 3!
    • Two simple but effective strategies you can use to persuade your kids to go low EMF (even and especially when they LOVE their devices)
    • 4 free and easy ways to protect your children from the potentially devastating effects of cell phone radiation (Note: I am NOT condoning the use of cell phones by children)
    • The concerning link between EMFs and autism along with 4 ways you can easily protect your children (found to be 80% effective)

    3 ways you can shield a room from RF radiation for under $100.

    • Why shielding can sometimes increase your EMF exposures and how to ensure that you NEVER make this mistake
    • 5 steps to turning your bedroom into a room of health and healing. This goes way beyond just EMF protection and can help you experience more sound, restful sleep
    • Why shielded clothing is not the panacea that some companies portray it as—4 steps to reduce your EMF exposure with the right shielded clothing
    • Are you suffering from metal toxicity (an important risk factor for EMF sensitivity that few people know about)—how to know and effectively deal with it
    • The ugly truth about EMFs, melatonin, estrogen and breast cancer and how to protect yourself (nearly 70 studies link EMFs to breast cancer)
    • How one couple, that had been desperately trying to get have a baby for 2 years, succeeded in just 30 days by applying some simple EMF protection tips!
    • Why pregnant mothers should be especially vigilant about EMFs—5 tips to reducing exposures
    • You’ve heard the adage “let food be thy medicine”…