EMF Meters

You home or business has AC electric fields, magnetic fields, dirty electricity and radio frequency exposures. To assess these different meters are required.  Our dual function EMF meters can help you measure low-frequency electric fields and magnetic fields, from exposures such as household electrical wiring, high voltage power lines, power transformers, home appliances, electronic devices, and other sources of electrical conductivity. The EMI Line meter measured Dirty Electricity.

Measurement is the first step in reduction. EMF-Protectoin provides EMR assessment, detection, and protection. We carry what you need for EMF detectors, RF meters, and EMF accessories, as well as protection products like RF shielding foil, shielded power cables, G-Iron Flex and more.

Our EMF meters and products are available in Canada, the USA and throughout the world. Our certified EMF professionals are happy to answer any questions and connect you to the right measurement and mitigation tools for your home or business. Contact us today.