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    In the last 10 years households, schools, hospitals, places of work, etc. have witnessed a Quintilian fold increase in harmful non-native EMF exposures. That is 10,000,000,000 times (10 zeros).

    This is bad news for occupants.

    But something can be done about it.

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    We know that dirty electricity is bad for toxic load on our cells as well as AC electric and magnetic fields. But we don’t see, smell or feel them so our long-term exposures are often much higher than they should be.

    Many people have a false sense of safety with respect to radio-frequency radiation from wireless devices and cellular equipment. For years negative biological effects have been linked but the technology keeps getting worse and worse for human cells. Conclusive studies show a host of complications including DNA destruction, cancer, neurological issues and oxidative stress leading to multiple disease endpoints. Our homes are bombarded with these frequencies 24/7 both from within and from outside sources. Combine all these exposures and we live in a state of chronic toxic overload.

    But something can be done, and you can remain connected with the outside world through better and safer use of technology.

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    Some people are predisposed to be or become electro hypersensitive (EHS), while others never develop issues. Its similar to cigarette tobacco, we don’t know which cigarette, nor which person will develop issues, but we know it is toxic.

    Families with EHS members have a challenge on their hands, which is often coming to terms with use of technology and ongoing impacts including tensions among members of the household. Discomfort and destruction of health for the EHS person in many cases is not understood by the other members.

    With our services families are presented options for better outcomes.

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    EMF Inspections are thorough, revealing, educational, professional and massively beneficial to occupants.

    Often EMF exposures can be reduced with inexpensive modifications that can only be determined by the proper assessment tools and techniques. In other situations, due to circumstances out of the homeowner’s control, shielding needs to take place for which there are a variety of solutions.

    In the majority of situations we have the solutions so you can take charge of living a low EMF lifestyle.

    What your inspection entails:

    1. Covid-19 – contact free, social distancing experience
    2. 5 professional level meters (mailed to you)
    3. Certified Building Biologist guiding your live inspection in real time
    4. Full EMF assessment report with recommendations and solutions
    5. 5% off all shielding solutions and other related products
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